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>(HELP ?) Circles> provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen. This "Help" narrative is for the "CHANGE USERNAME & PASSWORD" Screen.

When you login to the Member Portal for the first time, you are forced to change your Username and Password. That way, no matter what Username and Password was created for you either by the Import process or by your church MemberLink Administrator, you are reminded to create your own Username and Password.

You are encouraged to make your Password secure, and then keep it confidential. Please do not create a Password that can be easily guessed or hacked.

The following are the requirements for Username and Password.

What are the specifics for proper use of Username?

When creating a Username, follow these guidelines.

- Username can contain the letters A through Z and the numbers 0 through 9. It can also contain a period ".", an "@" and an underscore "_" character. Valid examples of Usernames are Jim_Smith or Smith@gmail.com "" both are acceptable.

- Username cannot contain an imbedded space or any of the following special characters: ! # $ % ^ & * ( ) + - = ~ ' { } [ ] : " ; ' < > | / , ?

- Username must begin with a character, not a number.

- Username is not case-sensitive. Smith@gmail.com can be entered as smith@gmail.com or SMITH@GMAIL.com, etc.

- Username must be unique within your MemberLink database. Only one person can have a specific Username "" duplicates will not be permitted.

If you click the "AUTO-GENERATE USERNAME/PASSWORD" hyperlink, the system will create a Username for you. You would not need to worry about the Username guidelines.

** Note: If you choose to enter the Username yourself, your MemberLink® Support Team recommends using your email address as their Username. For example: Smith@YourChurch.org. Each person has a unique email address, so your email address will also be unique when used as their Username. Also, since each person remembers their own email address, you can easily remember your Username if the two match.

What are the specifics for proper use of the Password?

When creating a Password, follow these guidelines.

- Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and/or numbers. The maximum length is 256 characters and numbers.

- Password cannot contain spaces. Most special characters are permitted.

- Password is case-sensitive "" enter uppercase and lowercase accordingly.

- Password does not have to be unique "" one or more people could have the same Password (of course, Passwords should be confidential and if people are using the same one, they should not be aware of it.)

If you click the "AUTO-GENERATE USERNAME/PASSWORD" hyperlink, the system will create a Password for you. You would not need to worry about the Password guidelines.


Your MemberLink support team recommends that all people change their Password regularly and always keep it confidential!

Anytime you are logged into the system, you may go to your "PROFILE" Screen and change your Username or Password. You may do this any time after a login, and as often as you like to keep your Password secure.

** Note: The first time you login to the Member Portal, you will be forced to change your Username and Password. Enter whatever Username and Password were assigned by the Import process or by your church's MemberLink Administrator, but then the system will prompt you to change to something of your own choosing before the first login is completed.

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