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When you click on the Reports hyperlink on the Groups & Attendance screen, you come to this Choose a Report for Members of a Group screen.

From here, you can select pre-formatted reports to print for groups. Mailing labels, attendance rosters, and contact lists are among the options available.

Click a “Radio” button to select a report. Then click the [Choose Report] button to proceed with creating a report as a Word document. Using Word, you can change the margins to Narrow, for best presentation and spacing on the page, and then print the report.

If you select Avery Labels, the labels will be formatted three-across to match the standard Avery form 8160-5160. You can insert these sheets into your printer and print the labels.

- One Avery option provides labels sorted in ascending sequence based upon Last Name.

- The other Avery option sorts the labels into ZIP Code sequence, then ascending on Last Name within ZIP Code. This option is useful for getting postage discounts from the U. S. Postal Service for providing mail already pre-sorted by ZIP Code.

** Note about Mailing Labels: Mailing labels can only be printed for groups. You can print labels to send a card or letter to members of a class, to members of a committee, to families in your church, etc. If you want one label per family, rather than a label for each family member, print labels for the system-generated group called “Family Primary Contacts”. That will print one label for each family, using the mailing address of the person you designated as the “primary” contact in that family when you created the Family Group.

The “Attendance Roster” style reports provide a checkbox on the report page for each person so that someone can indicate attendance. Two of these reports are pre-formatted for Sunday School usage, the other supports weekly attendance for any group such as a committee.

** Note: Under the color-themed listing of reports available for selection, there is an option for “saving report files”. After attendance has been taken and marked on the report, and you are finished with the report for that period, you can upload the results and electronically assign a file to the group.

For example, if you scanned the completed attendance roster at the end of the month, you could upload the scanned copy and have that file attached to the selected group. Then later, you can review the previous monthly attendance reports here online, instead of having to keep the paper copies.

To upload a scanned copy or any type of file such as a Word document, PDF, etc., and electronically link it with a group, click the [View/Upload Group Files] buttonand follow the instructions on that screen.

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