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This screen is used to maintain the bulletin board. You can update the bulletin board as often as you want -- with text, photos, hyperlinks, and more.

The bulletin board is the first screen your people will see when they logon to the Member Portal module. Keep your people updated with news, schedules, etc., and change the bulletin board as often as needed.

When you click somewhere inside the content window, the "Format Tools Ribbon" will become active. You will see a line of icons starting with "B" for bold, "I" for italics and "U" for underlining.

To make text display in bold, enter the text, then highlight the part you wish to make bold, and click on the letter "B" on the Tools Ribbon. Italicizing and underlining work the same way. You can also "justify" the text with the left, center, and right justification symbols.

The next three areas on the Tools Ribbon say: Font-Size, Font-Family, and Font-Format. Highlight the text you want to work with, then select a font-size from the Font-Size drop-down box. You can apply a font to the text by using the Font-Family drop-down box.

Next, moving across the line to the right, is an icon that looks like a link in a chain with a + symbol on it. It means "Add a Link." When you highlight a section of your text, you can use this icon to hyperlink the text to another page on the Internet. To remove any hyperlink from highlighted text, use the "broken link" symbol.

The next two symbols are "Add Image" and "Upload Image." The Add Image symbol allows you to insert a picture into your text or bulletin board if you know its web address. If you have the image on the hard drive of your computer, you use the "Upload Image" symbol to get that image into your Bulletin Board.

Next in the list of icons is a color palette symbol you use this to assign a color to the text you have highlighted; and background symbol you can use to change the background color.

Next in the list of icons is are the Subscript, Superscript, and Strike Through symbols.

There is a "Remove Formatting" symbol that acts like an Undo option. Just highlight any formatted text, click this icon, and it will revert the highlighted text back to plain text.

The last symbol on the line says "HTML". Only use this if you are familiar with HTML editing. If you click it, a window will open and show you what the Bulletin Board looks like in HTML code. If you don't know what HTML is, it's better not to use this symbol.

But if you do know HTML programming, this could be a convenient way to edit your Bulletin Board and turn it into a spectacular masterpiece! An HTML programmer can use other website development tools to create something, then paste the HTML code into this box.

After you have made changes to your Bulletin Board, click the [Preview Board] button to see what the new screen will look like. The [Preview Board] button does not actually make any changes, and if you click the [Back] button next, you will go back to the edit screen where you can continue to make more changes.

** Note: If you click on the [Back to Main] button without first clicking on the [Publish Board] button, your changes will not be saved. The bulletin board will continue to look as it did before you came to the edit screen.

To save the changes, click the [Publish Board] button. We suggest you click the [Preview Board] button first, then click the [Publish Board] button if you are satisfied with the changes in preview. When you publish, the revised board is now immediately available to the next members who logon.

Finally, use the [Set Permissions] button to indicate what level of user permissions may view the Bulletin Board.

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