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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the "CHOOSE FIELDS TO SHOW" Screen in MemberLink.

You access this screen by clicking the little "Sprocket Wheel" symbol (some call it a "settings" symbol) found in the column header area of the "CONTACTS" Screen. On that screen, this symbol may be found in the default "EMAIL" Column and the default "PHONE" Column. These are the default columns displayed if you haven't previously selected any Standard/Regular or Custom Data Fields to display in their place.

This "CHOOSE FIELDS TO SHOW" Screen enables you to select up to four Standard/Regular Data Fields (provided with the system), Filter Data Fields, or Custom Data Fields (also known as User-Defined Data Fields) to show on the "CONTACTS" Screen. The maximum is four, but you may choose any combination of Standard/Regular, Filter, and Custom fields.

The remainder of this (HELP ?) Circle narrative provides an overview of this "CHOOSE FIELDS TO SHOW" Screen.

Column Overview:

Here is an overview of each column on the "CHOOSE FIELDS TO SHOW" Screen:

Column - Show?:

This column is used to customize the "CONTACTS" Screen. Using the Checkbox provided next to each Standard/Regular Data Field, Filter Field, or each Custom Data Field, you may select one, two, three or four of these fields to display on the "CONTACTS" Screen. They will display there in lieu of the default "EMAIL" Column and the default "PHONE" Column.

After clicking on one or more of these Checkboxes (do NOT select more than four), go to the top or bottom of this "SHOW" Column and click on the [SHOW FIELDS(S)] Button to apply the change.

You may change the "Show?" selections at any time, with the Checkboxes, and then click the [SHOW FIELDS(S)] Button again. Unchecking all the Checkboxes and clicking the [SHOW FIELDS(S)] Button will have the effect of removing the Standard/Regular, Filter, or Custom Data Fields from the "CONTACTS" Screen and resetting it to the default columns which include the Email Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Column - Contents:

This column shows the name of each Standard/Regular Data Field (those automatically a part of the system), Filter Data Field, or Custom Data Field (those added specifically by your church).

Column - Values:

This column shows you some of the parameters that were selected when you or another representative from your church created the Custom Data Fields.

Finalizing Your Selections:

The following describes how you finalize your column selections so that they will show on the "CONTACTS" Screen:

After clicking on one or more of these Checkboxes to turn them on or off, clicking on the [SHOW FIELDS(S)] Button will perform the change and also automatically return you to the "CONTACTS" Screen. If you selected 1, 2, 3, or 4 Checkboxes, those columns will now be shown on the "CONTACTS" Screen.

If you change your mind and decide not to change the default display fields, click the "CONTACTS" Hyperlink on the Navigation Panel and return immediately to the "CONTACTS" Screen. No updates to the Checkboxes will be saved and the "CONTACTS" Screen will appear as it was before you started to make a change.

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