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CheckinLink Session Login Screen

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This is the "CheckinLink Login" Screen for the CheckinLink "Child Check-In" module. It has two sections. The section on the left side of the screen is used by Administrators to Login to CheckinLink. The section on the right side of the screen is used by anyone for starting or "launching" a Child Check-In Session.

Section 1 "” Administrator Login

You are required to have one of the Administrator-level permission settings in the associated MemberLink to login as an Administrator in CheckinLink.

- If you have MasterAdmin, SysAdmin, Admin, AssocAdmin, or AsstAdmin permission levels in MemberLink, you can login to CheckinLink

- If a person is not authorized to login to the MemberLink Admin Module, their permission level will not let them login to CheckinLink either.

Additionally, authorization to login as a CheckinLink Administrator (Admin) is granted via the person's "Profile" Screen in the associated MemberLink Admin Module. In MemberLink on the "Profile" Screen, the CheckinLink Manager Checkbox has to be "turned on" (checked) "” that is what enables any of the MemberLink Administrator-level people to have permission to login to CheckinLink as a CheckinLink Admin person.

To login, enter your MemberLink Username in the Username entry box, and enter your MemberLink Password in the Password entry box. Then click the [Child Check-In] Button and you will be logged into CheckinLink.

Section 2 "” Checkin Session Start-Up

On the right side of the "CheckinLink Login" Screen you will see a "Check-In Station Setup" area box. Inside the area box, you will see either one option or two options for starting a Child Checkin Session.

** Note 1: Each Check-In Station (computer, tablet, etc.) can run one Check-In Session at a time. A church can have as many Check-In Stations as they need to facilitate the Child Check-In process.

If "Check-In Option 1" is turned on in the Configuration File, you will see two Session start-up choices in the Check-In Station Setup area box.

- Option 1 will say, "Pre-Child Check-In (no label printer)." That will be followed by the [Start Session For Queue Check-In] Button.

- Option 2 will say, "Immediate Child Check-In (with label printer)." That will be followed by the [Start Session For Immediate Check-In] Button.

If "Check-In Option 1" is turned off (unchecked) in the Configuration File, "Option 2" will be the only choice in the Check-In Station Setup area box.

The purpose of "Check-In Option 1" is to support a Check-In Station that does not have a DYMO Printer attached to it. Since the DYMO Printer is not available, a Parent can begin the Check-In process from this Station and the Child info goes into a queue to be completed at a central Check-In Station by an Admin and where there will be a DYMO Printer available to print the labels (which completes the Check-In process).

Also, this Check-In Station computer does not need a physical keyboard with it, since Option 1 only works with a touchscreen.

To make Option 1 available at your church, turn it on in your Configuration File.

To launch a Check-In Session, click either the [Start Session For Queue Check-In] Button or the [Start Session For Immediate Check-In] Button.

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