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CAA Product Help

(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This "Comprehensive" (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the "PROFILE" Screen in MemberLink. It applies to the "Birth Date" and "Wedding Anniversay" entry boxes.

Please enter the Month and the Day!

Enter the Year also, unless the person prefers not to disclose the year of their birth. Entering the Year is optional on birthdays and anniversaries so that people do not have to disclose their age.

Also if you enter the person's the Month, Day, and Year, the system will calculate their age and display it right under the entry box.

Why provide this data?

If you have entered the minimum information -- the Month and Day -- into the person's personal Profile, church and care group leaders can search the database by birthday and wedding anniversary dates and receive notifications of who has an upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary.

These dates may also be helpful when your church wants to communicate with people through sending age-appropriate messages (if you have also included the Year in your Profile).

"CAA Product Help" from CAA Ministries at or 404-551-4230